2 февраля 2021
Москва. МИПП – НПО «Пластик», ZOOM-пространство

IV International Forum of the Russian Association of Plastic Processors

On February 2nd, 2021, the IV International Forum of the Russian Association of Plastic Processors will be held in Moscow in a on-line format. Traditionally, the Forum will be a platform for presentations, exchange of experience and lively discussion of urgent topics, including issues of ecology and recycling economy, trends in the development of technology of polymer production (including biopolymers) and their processing, issues of availability, prices and quality of Russian raw materials for plastics production.

February 2nd, 2021. Moscow

09:00 – 10:00  


10:00 – 11:15  

First session

The state and main trends in the development of the plastics processing industry in Russia

Mikhail Katsevman, President of APP, Director of science and development of the company of "Polyplastic"

  1. The industry of plastics recycling: facts and figures
    Speaker: Alexander Orlov, the Director of the Department of chemical engineering and bioengineering technology of the Russian Ministry of the Industry and trade (to be confirmed)
  2. The state and prospects of development of the plastics recycling industry in Russia
    Speaker: Mikhail Katsevman, директор по науке и развитию НПП «Полипластик»
  3. Overview of imports of plastic processing equipment for 2019 and the first half of 2020
    Speaker: Oleg Burkut, CEO of inform agency www.PlastInfo.ru, member of the APP
  4. Answers to questions. Discussion
11:15 – 13:15  

Industrial and Economic session

Environmental risks and trends in the development of the plastics processing industry in the Russian Federation (continued)

Peter Bazunov, General Director of the Association of Plastic Processors

  1. Closed-loop economy - involving the plastics processing industry
    Speaker: professor Vsevolod V. Abramov, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Association of Plastic Processors
  2. Ban on plastics for disposable tableware: risks and trends
    Speaker: Sergey Ryzhkov, General Director of JSC "Range"
  3. Processing of extruded polystyrene foam for secondary use. Eco-friendly and energy-efficient components of production
    Speaker: Maria Bochkovskaya, Executive Director of RAPEX association (Russian producers of expanded PS)
  4. Transition to recyclable solutions in multi-layer packaging
    Speaker: Gulnaz Nizamova, Analyst, Danaflex Marketing Group
  5. Packaging and Recycling 2020 in the EU
    Speaker: Massimo Centonze, Director of Science and Development, ITP (Italy)
  6. The Great Plastics Distraction: How so-called "environmental groups" have misled the public and harmed the environment
    Speaker: Chris DeArmitt, PhD FRSC, President of Phantom Plastics (USA)
  7. Experience of research and development center of "Plastic" in the manufacture of modified compositions based on secondary polymer materials
    Speaker: Igor Tsapenko, Deputy General Director of NPO Plastik, member of the APP
  8. Modern methods of studying the properties and identification of polymer composites
    Speaker: Dmitry Kramarev, Head of the Polymer Materials Testing and research Laboratory "NPO "Plastic"
  9. Discussion
13:15 – 14:00  

Strategic session

Problems of raw materials and personnel support for plastic processing enterprises

Mikhail Katsevman, President of the Association of Plastic Processors

  1. Steps to make plastics processing in Russia more profitable. Factors of raw materials price changing (discussion)
    Speaker: Aidar Gilemkhanov, Deputy Head of Sales Department of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim
  2. Training of personnel for polymer production
    Speaker: Inna Artemenkova, Vice-President of the APP